East Coast Conch Restaurant and Bar

Home Catering Buffet


Choice of 1 protein and 2 sides


Herb Roasted Chicken w your choice of sauce | 38 pp
Sauces: Guava BBQ, Wild Mango, Jerk BBQ or Plain

Pina Colada BBQ Ribs | 44 pp

Crispy Cracked Chicken w/ Junkanoo Drizzle | 38 pp

Pan Seared Snapper w/ Watermelon Thyme Pico | 40 pp

Bahamian Style Chickpea Curry (V) | 26 pp

Spiced Jackfruit (V) | 23 pp


Peas and Rice

Johnny Bread

Coconut Jasmine Rice

Sweet Roll

Baked Macaroni

Chef’s Choice

Seasonal Veg

Cole Slaw

House Salad

Potato salad

Fried Plantain

Lobster Salad | + 4 pp